Stephen & Paris’ Murano’s Journey to Happily Ever After...

Stephen and I met as many of us do - through mutual friends. It was actually my cousin who introduced us at an MS fundraiser. We chatted here and there but nothing became of it until our first date in August of 2010. We immediately clicked on our first date, there was just something we couldn’t put our finger on that just worked.

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Katlynne & J.J Bosica's Love Story

J.J and I met at one of his soccer games - he played with some of my friends. We didn’t speak much at the game but soon after we both discretely asked a mutual friend about each other. Before two weeks had passed J.J and I had our first date. Little did we know that was the last first date we would both go on. That first date led to two dogs, a house, a proposal, and ultimately our marriage. 

J.J proposed on a typical Friday evening for us. I was out with friends for coffee and was meeting him at home later. My friends and I spur of the moment decided we wanted to go to BINGO and I called him telling him I would be later than planned. He had to use the excuse of ‘one of our dogs seems sick’ to get me to come home right away. As soon as I walked through the door he was down on one knee with flower petals and candles surrounding us and to top it all off he bought my favourite dessert! 

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