1. If I am looking through a bridal magazine or on the Internet and am interested in a dress, can I call your store to see if you have it?

Yes, please do! We only need the name of the magazine, issue, page number and designer of the dress to assist you. If you saw a gown on the Internet, please have the website address and the internet number. Or if you simply have the designer and name or style number we can look it up with that information also.

2. What designers do you carry?

We carry over 50 designers.

3. What is the price range for the dresses in your store?

We have dresses for brides in every price range. You can find dresses for hundreds of dollars and you can find dresses for thousands of dollars. There is a dress for every bride at Bridal Creations.

4. Do you offer any discounts or incentives?

If you purchase your bridal gown at Bridal & Formal we do offer special discounts off of your bridal gown, headpiece and veil. We also offer discounts off of bridesmaids, mothers, and flower girl dresses, shoes, jewelry, accessories, slips, and undergarments.

5. How long does it take for a dress to come in?

Depending on the designer and time of year, a dress can take 5-8 months to come in. However, some designers have quicker delivery times or offer a rush service.

6. What dress sizes do you carry?

We have dresses from size 1 to size 30.

7. How do you determine which size I will order?

We have measurement cards for each designer that we carry. We will take your bust, waist, and hip measurements and determine where you fall on the size chart. Gowns are made according to the size chart, not custom to your measurements. Therefore you may need a few alterations about a month before the wedding, to make it a perfect fit. Keep in mind that extra size charges apply to certain sizes, and if you are over 5’10″ you may have to order extra length.

If you are getting measured locally, please print out our bridesmaids/bridal measurement chart and use it to get your measurements taken.

8. Why am I ordering a size 2 sizes BIGGER than my normal size?

Don’t panic! Bridal gowns are cut according to a couture size chart and run smaller than the ready to wear clothing you buy at the mall. Most brides order a bridal gown 1-2 sizes larger than they usually wear, and that is normal.

9. Can I order extra fabric?

Fabric can be ordered from certain manufacturers. Your Bridal Consultant will be able to check the availability at the time your order your gown. Keep in mind dye lots may vary, therefore it is not always recommended.

10. Do you carry petite sizes?

Most designers offer a standard size chart. However, certain styles are better on certain body types, and your bridal gown consultant would be happy to help you to find the best cut that works for you.

11. What colors do the dresses come in?

Dresses are available in many different colors. Some of the most popular colors are white, ivory, café, rum pink, gold, platinum, and ice blue.

12. How will I select a color for my bridal gown?

Many factors come into play when selecting the color of your bridal gown. Many options are available and “white” is no longer the expected norm. The first and most important factor is personal preference. It is YOUR wedding, do what you want! If you do not have a preference, you can take into account your hair color and skin tone. There are so many different shades of white and ivory (and all of the other colors mentioned above) and they range from cool to warm tones. Choose something that will compliment you. You can also consider the time of day, time of year, and location. If you are indoors with candles you may choose a different color that if you are outside in natural sunlight. And lastly, you can consider what color you want your bridesmaids to wear. But only as a last resort, because YOUR dress determines your maids dresses not vice versa.

13. Do all dresses need to be ordered, or can I buy one off the rack?

Many of the dresses in our store do need to be ordered, however we do have a large off the rack section with as well.

14. What is a trunk show?

Once or twice a year, designers come to our store for a weekend. We display many of their most popular dresses and the bride has the privilege to work one-on-one with the designer of her dress! It is a special experience that brides never forget.

15. What is a blusher?

Do brides still wear blushers? A blusher is the piece of veiling that covers the bride’s face when she walks down the aisle. Some brides choose to wear a blusher, others do not. It depends on the bride’s personal style and look she wants on her wedding day.

16. Do you have veils that will match my gown?

Yes, we do! We also offer hundreds of beautiful veils that will complete the look of any gown.

17. What is the trend in headpiece styles?

Hair jewelry! Tiaras detailed with Austrian crystals, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, and even colored pearls and crystals!! By putting your jewelry in your hair not only do you create a timeless beautiful look, but you have a great heirloom to pass on to future generations! Also with the hair jewelry your veiling is on its own comb. Having a headpiece and veiling separate offers the bride so many more options when it comes to hairstyles. You are not locked into one look. You can take your headpiece and veil to your hair dresser and he/she can create a look that is personal and perfect for you. Plus you can take off your veil at your reception, and still wear your headpiece. Another great trend right now is the flowers & feathers in your hair, and the “bird cage” veils that just go over your eyes.

18. What is a “hollow-to-hem” measurement?

On occasion a gown will not be able to be hemmed by your alterations person. In this case we will take a measurement from the hollow of your neck to the floor, with you in the shoes and slip you plan on wearing, and have the manufacturer shorten the dress for you. This does require an extra charge.

19. What is a bustle?

Many bridal gowns have trains that are not detachable. The bride’s seamstress adds what is called a bustle when doing the alterations, which simply means attaching the train to the back of the dress so the bride may move freely at the reception.

20. How long do I have to pick up my dress after it comes in?

What if I live out of town? We ask that you pick up your dress thirty days after receiving the postcard that your dress has come in. If you live out of town, we do offer shipping.

21. How do I store my dress until my wedding?

Many places would be fine. Please avoid dampness, sunlight and smoke.